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PC Adapters / Converters

Images Category Description
Gender Changers- D-Sub Low Profile Gender Changer
• Male to Male or Female to Female Gender Changer
Male to Female Connector Saver
DB-9, HD-15 (VGA), DB-15, DB-25, or DB-37
Gender Changers- Centronics 36, 50 Pin Gender Changer Male to Male with bail lock
Female to Female with spring latch
Centronics 36, or Centronics 50
Gender Changers- D-Sub Molded Type Gender Changer Male to Male or Female to Female
DB-9, HD-15 (VGA), or DB-25
PC/AT to PS/2 Adapter Adapter for PS/2 Keyboard to AT port or AT
Keyboard to PS/2 port
AT Mouse Adapter - DB9 to Mini Din 6 Pin DB-9 (serial mouse) to Mini Din 6 pin (PS 2 mouse) Adapter
D-Sub 25 Pin to D-Sub 9 Pin Adapter Serial Port adapters
D-Sub 25 Pin to Centronics 36 Pin Adapter Parallel port adapters
Low Profile PC/AT RS-232 Adapter Slim Size, save space
DB-25 female to DB-9 male, DB-25 male to
DB-25 female, or DB9 male to DB-9 female
D-Sub 25 Pin Null Modem Adapter DB-25 Male to Female
RS-232 Jumper Box DB-25 Male to Female
RS-232 Tester DB-Male to DB-25 Female, assembled
Check tester with Green & Red LEDs
Console Extender Extends distance up to 500 ft over Cat5 UTP
For PS/2 computers
One unit for Keyboard, Mouse and Monitor
Power Cord, Power Strip & Power Center All power strips & power centers surge protected
Protocol Converter Interface converts MAC or SUN system to PS/2
Allows MAC and SUN computers incorporated
into KVM switch or used as stand alone converter
DVI Adapters DVI digital male to female
DVI analog to VGA HD-DB15 adapter
DVI digital to DFP adapter

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